Who is Andre Hakkak wife? Learn about CEO of The balm cosmetics

Andre Hakkak wife

Marissa Shipman is popularly recognized as Andre Hakkak wife, is a versatile lady with many credits. She is also involved in influencing human beauty. That is the story of how a woman went from having an idea to starting and building a successful business. This article aims at presenting a profile into her life, career, and interaction with Andre Hakkak for the reader who is keen to know more about this lady.

Andre Hakkak wife Early Life and Education

Marissa Shipman from her early childhood grew up in circumstances that encouraged her to develop creative thinking. She from a tender age had an interest in beauty and cosmetics, an idea that would later mark her destiny. Shipman studied marketing and business in college and the University. She did this to acquire the basic skills she needed to thrive in business.

Her Physical Attribute

Height5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight63.5 kg
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorHazel
Skin ToneLight
Age38 years old

While information concerning the stature of this actress, Andre Hakkak wife Marissa Shipman is hard to come by, there is no doubt that she is well-groomed. She is shown as confident, fashionable, and ready to take on big challenges. That’s why the focus is on industry events and appearances.

Her Career Beginnings

Shipman’s experience of becoming an entrepreneur was initially fueled by dissatisfaction with the beauty items in the market. This led her to start making beauty products at home. She did this to get natural, quality products in the market. This vision she holds for fashion graduates, soon turned into a business idea for her.

Founding The Balm Cosmetics

Marissa Shipman

Andre Hakkak wife, the Balm Cosmetics was formed in 2004 by Marissa Shipman aimed to change the beauty products market by offering goods that lack paraben and are cruelty-free. They also are multifunctional, and have a quite boring theme of maintaining simple and timeless packaging design. But, the company took off with its unique and creative formulas for cosmetic products. It became a favorite product of women across the globe.

While heading The Balm, Shipman aimed to diversify the company’s offerings. She introduced many new makeup and skincare products. They were as high-quality and eco-friendly as the old ones. The Balm has seen huge growth as a walk-in-shop in a tough beauty products niche. This growth is due to the business woman’s hands-on attitude and love of high quality.

Personal life with husband, Andre Hakkak

A beautiful lady Marissa Shipman is not just a successful businesswoman, but also a devoted wife to Andre Hakkak, the finance tycoon. This means that the partners in the project cherish common values, as well as give and receive support in their relationship. Altogether, they help one another in their occupations and manage their personal and loving relationship.

Supporting Each Other’s Careers

This shows that Marissa and Andre have a perfect mix of personal and work compatibility. This is one of the keys to a long relationship and They balance both their careers and family. They also support their partners’ achievements and get support in turn during hard times. They claimed that this support is crucial to their relationship and has significant influence on the overall productivity of the couple.

Andre Hakkak wife Philanthropy and Advocacy

In addition to business successes, Marissa Shipman is focused on philanthropy and environmental concerns to the cosmetics industry. For instance, she is a patron of a myriad of environmental causes and is an advocate for proper conduct in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Marissa Shipman Net worth and Financial Succession

Thus, The Balm Cosmetics later became popular. This popularity increased Andre Hakkak wife Marissa Shipman’s net worth. The current net worth is not exactly known in public, but some media sources estimated it to approx in million. But, she has a successful enterprise and various investments. They imply her earnings are good. They both are surely earning a good amount of money and their net worth could be enormous depending on their accomplishment in their respective professions.

Social Media Presence

Perhaps that explains why Marissa Shipman is not on social media. It could be for many other successful people. However, The Barm Cosmetics, which is her business, has social media accounts which include Instagram and Facebook. The Balm’s social media is used to present the products, give out advice on beauty, and interact with its large fan base of beauty aficionados.


Andre Hakkak wife, Marissa Shipman is much more than just a woman married to Andre Hakkak. This is a successful business woman, beauty industry mogul, as well as a giver to society. She went from just liking beauty appliances to becoming a prominent businesswoman. The experience shows her vision, determination, and commitment to quality and sustainability.

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