Chicago Fire Season 12 Review: Hot Season Full of Surprises

chicago fire season 12

Grab your helmets and hold on tight, folks! Chicago Fire season 12 has truly been a winding road. That includes nail-biting rescues, heartbreaking farewells, and more drama than the warmest fires. As we approach the season finale, let us pause. And go on a reflective journey of the season’s evolution – the good, the bad. And the smoke-choking moments that made us want to grab our ankles.

Release DateJanuary 17, 2024
OverviewChicago Fire Season 12 Review: A Scorching Hot Season Full of Shocks and Surprises
Burning Storylines– Intense rescues and personal dramas filled every episode
– Heart-stopping rescues included rappelling down burning buildings and train derailment rescues
Heartbreaking Goodbyes– Farewells to characters like Blake Gallo and Sylvie Brett left viewers emotional
– Unexpected exits, like Derrick Gibson’s, kept the audience on their toes
Character Growth– Kelly Severide’s journey to overcome his past was heartwarming and relatable
– Stella Kidd’s growth as a leader showcased her capability and determination
Plot Twists– Surprising revelations, like Mouch’s secret job as a mall Santa, kept viewers engaged
– Chief Boden’s long-lost son added complexity to his character and storyline
Witty Banter– Lighthearted moments amidst intense situations provided comic relief
– Truck vs. Squad rivalry continued to entertain with playful banter and wagers

Chicago Fire Season 12

One thing’s for sure – the writers of Chicago Fire certainly didn’t hold back this season. Twin Peaks television series has a variety of heroic deeds to sad love stories so every episode was a trip of highs and lows for human emotions.

Adrenaline-Rich Story

chicago fire
chicago fire

Chicago Fire truly excels in its rescue efforts. This year we saw things that would easily make even the most courageous feel afraid. The example I want to discuss is a high-rise building that was set on fire. There, our heroes tried to get down the burning building. With the purpose of saving a family locked inside talk about edge-of-your-seat excitement!

And not to mention, the remarkable train wreck rescue. Firefighters displayed courage and bravery that was second to none. As they raced against Time to free the shredded vehicle of any survivors who were inside. Well done to the stunt team for making these adrenaline rushing scenes come to life.

Box Office Collection

Besides the already life-threatening rescues, season 12 of Chicago Fire. Also brought us some heartbreaking farewells that had us digging out the tissues. The first, is we see Blake Gallo (played by Alberto Rosende). Whose decision to pursue new adventures lead to him leaving Firehouse 51. Indeed, we will miss his contagious smile and sharp-witted one-liners!

And the true heart-breaker was when Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) said her tearful farewell to her dearly loved Firehouse 51 family. With that season finale of her engagement to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). She halted her steps and tucked her way through Portland, Oregon. To discover that a new season accompanied a new party in the most similar place. We’re still not over this emotional farewell, folks!

And just when we thought the goodbyes were over. Rome Flynn’s Derrick Gibson also made a surprise exit midway through the season. Talk about keeping us on our toes!

What happened at the end of Chicago Fire season 11?

Chicago Fire 11

Spoilers ahead! The Chicago Fire season 11 finale was full of cliffhangers, making the season 12 premiere highly anticipated. Lt. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) returned to propose to paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Kilmer), and we don’t yet know if she accepted (viewers also learned that Sylvie was holding a baby girl). Meanwhile, Mauch was injured by shrapnel and was taken to hospital, where his condition was initially reported to be stable, but he then started bleeding.

Chicago Fire Season 12 Cast

Amidst all the action and drama, Chicago Fire season 12 didn’t skimp on character development either. Whether it was about our beloved firefighters overcoming personal obstacles. Facing their deepest fears or changing for the better, we cheered for them even louder.

Consider Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) for example. Tear-jerking or inspirational, his journey overcoming what had happened to him. And being vulnerable was both relatable and appropriate. Seeing this hardcore firefighter letting his guard down. And asking for help was a great lesson that even the strongest ones can benefit from assistance now and then.

Moreover, the character of Stella Kidd played by Miranda Rae Mayo showed incredible growth as a leader. Being a great mentor to all the new firefighters. And seizing the moment at a high pressure situation. She proved that she can carry the torch of Firehouse 51.

Plot Of Chicago Fire 12

chicago fire season 12 episode 1
chicago fire season 12

You come to the point that you’re right around the song, then, all of a sudden, Chicago Fire season 12 presents you some twists that make you sit gaping-mouth. Do you remember when we learned that the iconic character Mouch (Christian Stolte) had a two-job gig as the mall Santa? How about a doozy of a plot twist we never saw coming?

Also, you cannot fail to mention the shocking discovery that Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) had an unknown son for many years. Not only did that bombshell become an additional intricacy of Boden’s personality, but it also gave rise to a new narrative level.

Rollercoaster of Emotions

Like any great season of television, Chicago Fire season 12 took us on a rollercoaster of emotions. Just like all the good seasons of television, Chicago Fire season 12 had us on an emotional roller coaster. From daredevil rescues to tearful endings the season covered all the emotions.

The next moment our hearts would be in our throats as they took the lives of the heroes. The next, we’d be wiping away tears as beloved characters bid farewell, leaving us wondering what the future holds for Firehouse 51.

But through it all, one thing remained constant: the unwavering bond between these firefighters. Their camaraderie, courage, and dedication to their jobs were a constant source of inspiration. Reminding us that even in the darkest of times, there’s always a glimmer of hope.


As we approach the season finale, it’s clear that Chicago Fire season 12 has been a scorcher. This season sets the bar so high. That it has become hard to resist watching the scintillating chase scenes. Slowing down to savor the unexpected character moments. And leave us shocked with its mind-blowing plot twists.

Whether as an avid follower or a novice, there’s no doubt that this season is a great source of entertainment. This season 12 of Chicago Fire has meet every expectation. By including the exhilarating rescue sequences to the disturbing emotional scenes.

Therefore, my recommendation to you is – pick a cool drink. Make yourself comfortable and let’s immerse into the flavours of season 12 of Chicago Fire. Trust us. It’s a sizzling hot season you won’t want to miss!

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