Top 10 most watched kdramas on  Netflix

Top 10 most watched kdramas on  Netflix

Over the years, Top 10 most watched kdramas on  Netflix. K-dramas have shown interesting characters, plots, and cultures. Korean television has touching love stories. It also has thrilling nail-biters. It offers something to any viewer. In this brief overview, we will list some of the best Korean series. Thousands of viewers around the world came to like them. So, let’s find out the top 10 most watched kdramas on  Netflix in this article. 

1. Queen Of Tears

Queen Of Tears

It is an ongoing South Korean television series. The series stars Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won. It shows the story of a married couple, who are in a crisis. Queen Of Tears started on 9 March 2024 and airs at 21:2-(KST) on saturday and sunday. It forms the story of affection between Hong Hae-in and Baek Hyun-woo. The story follows the journey of characters grappling with love, loss, and redemption.

2. Squid Game: A Thrilling Ride into the Dark Side of Humanity

squid game

Squid Game became a pop culture phenomenon. It amazed the audience with a thrilling plot and bent their minds with many ideas. The show is set in a dark world. It follows contestants who take part in deadly games. They play for a prize of money that sends shivers.

They hurl spectators into the ugly core of humanity. It’s filled with grejson, despez, and the survival. This core grows with games that get more intense. The plot has interesting twists. It also has social commentary on class disparity and capitalism. These made Squid Game very interesting. It’s a must-watch for a Korean TV series.

3. Crash Landing on You: Forbidden Love Across Borders

Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing On You portrays the romance. It is between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean officer. Yoon Se-ri crash-lands from a storm into North Korea. She crashes into the life of a strict officer named Ri Jeong-hyeok. They set out on a love-filled journey. It was full of fireworks and obstacles. These stood against the odds and the border’s strictness.

The series has captured its audience with romantic scenes. They are very touching and sometimes, though, also hilarious and thrilling. The show found its viewers sharing love. The love ranged from one country to another and from people of different cultures.

4. Itaewon Class: A Tale of Redemption and Resilience

Itaewon Class

“Itaewon Class” is a drama series. It follows the paths of Park Sae-ro-yi, a young man. He is set on chasing his dream of full compensation for his father’s death. He’s also trying to raise a mighty business empire. The series is set against the colorful and powerful Itaewon streets of Seoul. It brings to light a world full of aspirations, friendship, and social injustice. Itaewon Class had a wide variety of characters and a very good plot. This is what made it one of the best-reviewed dramas. Its presentation of LGBTQ+ rights was known. It also had critical discussions of racial discrimination. It raised important debates within South Korean society.

5. Love Alarm: Technology Meets Romance in the Digital Age

Love Alarm

Love Alarm” takes the audience to a world. In this world, a mobile app sends a notification if someone loves them. The app only works if the person using it sets a radius. In this series, high school life is the epitome. A group of students tries to balance love and friendship. They do this in the face of the challenges that modern technology offers. The show has likeable characters and a deep story. It delves into the problems of youth. It covers identity and the dangers of social media in relationships. This series was unique because of its novel concept. It was also the first to start the romance.


Vincenzo follows an Italian consigliere. Vincenzo was born a mafioso. He is a lawyer who comes back to South Korea for a deadly mission. He becomes a legal advisor for an organised crime group. They seek vengeance and money. They seek it against the corruptions of the evil conglomerates and villains. He struggles against the corruption of conglomerates and unyielding villains. But, Vincenzo pulls off an uncanny group for justice. The show combined action, suspense, and dark humor . Vincenzo had viewers on the edge from the start to the end. It showcased his charming lead performance. And, it showed the show’s swirling plot. The show was a perfect example of Korean crime dramas. 

7. Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Breaking Barriers and Challenging Norms

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” describes the life of Attorney Woo Young-woo. He was the first autistic lawyer in Korea. He succeeded in practicing law through many struggles due to his condition. The series explores themes of acceptance, friendship, and the power of perseverance. It shows how to persist in hard times. Extraordinary Attorney Woo had touching story and sincere performances. It opened up dialogues on autism in the Korean community. They related to inclusivity and diversity.

8. Bloodhounds: Friendship and Survival in the Face of Adversity


Bloodhjsonds follows an unlikely friendship. Two people fight to survive. They face the cruel reality of private loans and financial desperation.

Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin oppose these lenders and find the truth. Both have to stand up and find their loved one. They have to discover what real loyalty and perseverance mean. It is gritty due to the social problems and the lively characters. Bloodhounds belongs to that kind of film. It could appeal to any audience in search of action, drama, and more.

9. Business Proposal: A Refreshing Take on Rom-Com Tropes

Business Proposal

It’s a light, comic take on the beloved fake dating trope. Business Proposal follows Shin Ha-ri. She agrees to a blind date set up by none other than the boss, Kang Tae Moo. But, she and entangles herself in all kinds of romantic mix-ups. furthermore, People love the cast. They love the story. Business Proposal is a fun trip for those who want to see their favorite rom-com themes in a new way.

10. All Of Us Are Dead

 All Of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is a thrilling drama. It targets a market of students. They engage in a tale of how students manipulate life to tell the tale of the apocalypse. It is on the 28th of January, 2022, that this six-episode phenomenon first blew on our monitors. The show has a bombshell storyline. It has nicely-drawn characters and charming issues. ‘The Responder’ has already seen brilliant success. The backdrop is an excessive college. The display seeks to capture the heights of human nature and the goodness in people’s souls. It does this via an adventure of becoming survivors in dire conditions.

Moreover, the tale starts with a trainer who teaches tech. They release a bad virus that turns the students and staff into rabid zombies. Pandemonium is breaking out. Lee Cheong-San and his friend Nam On-Jo lead three college students. They must act to stop someone from murdering them. They don’t want to fight the scenario. After, They fled college as as possible. They must avoid not only the strolling dead and their terror. But, also humanity’s evil. They are trying to stay alive.


While, Top 10 most watched kdramas on  Netflix, Korean television has heart-pounding thrillers and warm-your-soul romances. Top 10 most watched kdramas covers every style of storytelling, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Most watched kdramas covers love and friendship stories. Also, It also covers social issues and political intrigue. It has unique storylines. The Korean television universe remains a rich and lively tapestry of storytelling. Fans can only await the next waves. The waves will bring captivating dramas and engaging characters

FAQ’s About Top 10 most watched kdramas

Q1. What makes “Squid Game” stand out among other Korean TV series?

Ans. “Squid Game” was engaging. It had intense themes and class differences about capitalism. The plot was very interesting. It held the suspense across the episodes and allowed for character development. 

2. How does “Love Alarm” explore the impact of technology on relationships?

Ans. “Love Alarm” is a series about events caused by the invention of a mobile app. The app triggers an alarm if someone nearby likes the user .

3. What themes does “Itaewon Class” address, and why did it resonate with audiences?

Ans. The drama is about ambition, friendship, and the struggle for social justice. However, It also mentioned LGBTQ+ rights and racism.

4. How does “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” break barriers in Korean television?

Ans. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” crushes all biases. It casts Woo Young-woo, the first autistic lawyer in Korea. She began as a lawyer with a rare condition.

5. What sets “Business Proposal” apart as a rom-com series?

Ans. “Business Proposal” is a new look into the already familiar and worn-out concept of a fake date. The TV show fits the kind that serves to not think and relax.

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