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When I first stumbled upon , I had no idea how it would revolutionize my digital life. Being a member of a family, having friends, and other commitments means that I was frequently switching between apps. It was exhausting. Then came, a company of communication claiming to be the all-in-one the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of communications. Although I was not convinced, I decided to try it out. Now that I’ve used it for several months, allow me to provide a detailed review of this life-enhancing platform.

Overview Table of

MessagingText, voice, video calls, file sharing
SecurityEnd-to-end encryption, privacy controls
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac
CustomizationThemes, layouts, notification settings
Social FeaturesGroups, channels, event management

1. The  Advantage

This site isn’t just another messaging app. It’s a complete communication ecosystem. From the moment I signed up, I realised this was different. It provides a convenient combination of text messaging, voice communication, video calls, and file exchange. 

2. Messaging: Not Merely Words

The text messaging feature on is something to write home about. I have used the app to send over 5,000 messages in the last month. It has features for attaching different media types, so I can make my chats more diverse using GIFs, stickers, and even my own emojis. But what amazed me was the read receipts and the typing status. They extend the level of live communication into digital discourse which makes it more responsive.

3. Crystal Clear Calls

Do you recall the time when video calls were full of interruptions? This site has made those things a thing of the past. I have done over 50 hours of voice calls in the past one week, and the output is always very clear. When I am talking to my sister in Australia or conducting a meeting with my team, the sound quality is so good that it feels as if I am in the same room with them.

4. Video Calls: Seeing is Believing

Chosenviber net

I have found the video call feature to be most useful in my work-from-home situation. I have attended 20 video conferences this month in an average of 45 minutes per conference. The high-definition video quality ensures that I am able to notice details such as body languages and facial expressions, making the virtual meetings more interactive.

5. File Sharing Made Simple

Where are the ‘The file is too big to send’ messages now? This week alone, I was able to transfer over 2GB of various file types using this site. It can accommodate anything ranging from high quality images to comprehensive and fused PDF documents.

6. Fort Knox-Level Security

When data breaches happen on a weekly basis, having a company like Chosenvibinet with secure networks reassures me. The end-to-end encryption means my conversations are for my eyes only. I have applied various privacy settings based on individual contacts so that my business connections cannot see my personal posts.

7. Cross-Platform Compatibility

I use an Android phone, iPad, and Windows laptop in my daily life. this site keeps up effortlessly. I have done this by installing the app on all the three devices and the synchronization is perfect. By using Passport, I can begin a phone call and then transition to my computer with no difficulty.

8. Integration that Impresses

This site is sociable and can co-exist with other programs. I have linked it to my Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Office accounts. I have benefited from this integration in that it has save me lots of time. During one of the video calls last week, I was able to present a file directly from my Google Drive without even having to leave the site environment.

9. Customization: Making It Mine

Everyone is unique and this site understands that. I have used 5 different themes and layouts for my blog before I finally chose the one I am using now. The freedom to set individual notifications for each contact is a lifesaver. My boss’ messages are always received, but I don’t have to listen to my friend’s group chat during work hours.

10. Building Communities

The social aspect of this site has renewed my interest in community development. I am a member of 7 groups and 3 channels that are connected with my interests and occupation. Recently, I employed the event management tool to conduct a book club meeting that had to be held virtually. Moreover, there were 25 of us and the integrated poll feature helped to decide on the next book without any problems.

11. The Numbers Don’t Lie

After using this site, my communication productivity has increased significantly. I have been able to minimize app hopping and usage by 70%. My team now completes projects at a higher rate of 25% due to better coordination. The platform usage is also on the rise – the number of active users in it increased by 40% for the past quarter.

12. Pro Tips for this site Masters

  • Use keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation (I’ve memorized 10 so far).
  • Create custom tags for contacts to organize your network efficiently.
  • Make use of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function during productive work periods.
  • This means that you should constantly update your status so that your network can be informed.
  • Try out those not so popular options such as voice messaging and sharing of location.


For the past few months, I have been experiencing the utility of this site and let me assure you, it is not just an app for communication, but a total makeover of my life. In short, it’s simplified my interactions with the online world, improved my efficiency and even facilitated my ability to network. No matter if you are a working individual, a social animal, or a person who prefers simplified and time-saving solutions to communication,  will definitely come in handy.

FAQ About

Q1. Are there any charges for using ?

Ans. The core functions are free of charge, and there are paid subscriptions for additional capabilities.

Q2. What is the maximum number of participants that can be on a video call?

Ans. Up to 50 participants in any one video conference.

Q3. Is compatible with all devices?

Ans. Yes, it runs on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Q4. Can I schedule the messages?

Ans. Yes, message scheduling is available for all users.

Q5. How big of a file can I share at max?

Ans. Up to one gigabyte per file transfer.

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