ERP Gehu: A Comprehensive Guide

ERP Gehu

ERI ERP Gehu is the newest generation platform. It’s been developed for the students of Graphic Era University (GEHU). This portal aims at providing numerous utility resources & tools to make the education process more effective. It includes everything from old papers to attendance management. It has learning management and human capital management. ERP Gehu supports both students and faculty. Here, we are going to talk about it deeply information which we have collected from the internet.

An Overview of ERP Gehu

The platform handles tasks like course registration, fee payment, and timetables. These tasks are needed for effective learning. This frees students to concentrate on learning. It can also manage faculty members. It can handle their time table and interaction with students. Gehu harmonizes the education system. It greatly simplifies it. This increases efficiency in the institution.

Features of ERP Gehu

Gehu ERP has rich features. They ensure that students, faculties, and admins engage well. 

Timetable ManagementTeachers and faculty can fully use the ERP. They can use it to plan assignments, test schedules, and deadlines in an academic year. This also means that many people are aligned on the plan and is very useful when it comes to time management.
Academic Report CardIt helps parents and teachers assess a student’s performance. Students can also benefit from this tool. They can watch their progress. This will help them see where to put in effort to improve in hard areas.
Resource AccessStudents use the same online portal to access college resources. It also has resources from various colleges. Students can use these too. This feature lets students have many documents. They use them to learn and gain knowledge.
Communication ToolsBelow are some of the communication systems that ERP Gehu provides. They include forums and discussion boards. These tools enable users to help others, clarify situations, and share new information. These tools help achieve the key goal. The goal is to build a good environment for students to learn in.
Library Materials The idea in the platform is a big collection of readings with many themes. This will be useful to the students as well as the faculty members in broadening their knowledge and in achieving their academic goals. 

Student Registration Process at Graphic Era University

ERP Gehu login

Regarding registering new students, they should note that at Graphic Era University, the registrar’s department handles this process. Here are the steps involved:

  • Needed Information: Please provide an admission slip, name, age, gender, email, and phone number. 
  • Receive Credentials: After the online registration, the person will get a unique user ID and password. They will get these at their personal email account. 

ERP Gehu login Guide

  Easy to log in this platform. Follow these steps: 

  •  Open Browser: Open the main international web browser of your choice. 
  •  Search for Official Website: To locate Gehu’s official website, therefore, one needs to type this term in the search bar. 
  •  Select Official Link: Here is the official link for that, clicking on it will redirect you to the homepage of the platform. 
  •  Enter Credentials: Enter the user ID which you have received with the password from the registrar. 
  •  Log In: To proceed, click the “Login” button in order to sign in to your Gehu ERP account. 

How to change the password of Gehu ERP:

  •  Visit Official Website: on the homepage of the ERP Gehu
  •  Click ‘Forget Password: Choose this to open the link in a new tab or a new window. 
  •  Enter Details: Enter User ID, E-mail ID, and Date of Birth. 
  •  Reset Password: All that is needed is to click the reset option. The reset link will be sent to the e-mail address given at registration.

Know Your Gehu ERP User ID & Password 

  •  Visit Official Website: Visit this website of GEHU ERP . 
  •  Click ‘Forget ID’: The order should be made under this option. 
  •  Enter Personal Information: Kindly enter your mobile number and the date of birth. 
  • Verify the Details and click to verify after filling the needed info in the form or completing the agreement. If the information given matches, the management shall send an OTP to the user so that the user ID may be changed. 

Application Process on ERP Gehu

If you are willing to take admission in the university then you have to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open any of your desired browser and look for the official website of the college.
  • Now, when you visit on the authorized website you will find the “Apply Now” option on its dashboard.
  • So, Click on the option and proceed toward the application form.
  • After that, enter your details and submit the required documents.
  • Once you are done with above-mentioned steps, pay your fee and finalize the admission.

Services Available On ERP Platform

The services of Gehu ERP are as follows: Supporting the user’s goals and needs in the academic and administrative aspects. Here are some of the top services: 

  •  Fee Payments 

Learning Institutions: Students can also easily view and pay their fees online. They can do so without having to form long queues. This, in fact, is the advantage of this profitable method that is both rapidly implemented and does not harm the environment. 

  •  Monitoring Attendance 

In particular, students can monitor their attendance in a specific class. They can also ensure that they are attending enough times. This tool is very important in cases of enforcing or maintaining educational discipline. 

  •  Cloud Storage 

 ERP Gehu is a trustworthy and swift cloud storage service for documents, projects, homework, and Assignments. This area can also benefit the faculty. It is a way to get, organize, and sort the students’ assignments. 

  •  Study Materials 

In this regard, it is a virtual library. It provides study materials that can be used from any place. This feature is very helpful. It’s for students who cannot visit the library’s physical store.  

  •  High-End Tools 

Gehu ERP provides many sophisticated tools for team cooperation. These include chat, audiocall, and video call. These tools make it easy for teachers and students to communicate. They also improve project collaboration. 

Advantages Of Using ERP Portal

Gehu ERP is actually used. It provides many benefits for students and faculty. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

1) Improved Performance 

It’s benefits university employees, teachers, and students. It makes organization more effective and helps track work. 

2) Flexibility

Students can work at their own pace and retrieve material at any time. Teachers can review the reports and assignments at their leisure. This flexibility contributes to productivity as well as learning achievement.

3) Time Management

Gehu of ERP helps students develop good time management. He does this by scheduling and offering an annual calendar. It helps students learn to manage their time well. This lets them meet all expectations.

4) Customized Experience

Users can personalize the platform with filters. These limit what they see and where they post. They can also self-assign in areas they are interest in. This personalization helps to increase their level of engagement and also satisfaction.


ERP Gehu has brought a big change. It changed how work is assigned and processed at Graphic Era University. It has brought in a centralized umbrella. Students and faculty can easily access products that make their work easier. It simplifies and enables them to work together. Gehu ERP provides the right level of facilities. They are need for online study material access. They handle students’ attendance and interact with others.


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